Conover Commons Homes


Conover Commons Homes, developed by the Cottage Company, features twelve 3+ bedroom homes ranging from 1700-2700 SF, and one income-qualified affordable home. These uniquely crafted homes are aligned along a pedestrian walkway rich in native plantings.

As in our other pocket neighborhoods, the active areas of each house face the shared garden area, while private realms are more secluded. Houses “nest” together, so that living spaces of one home do not peer into the private spaces of another. These are but some of the ways the design balances community and privacy. Front garden spaces provide an opportunity for homeowners to contribute to the landscaping aesthetic of the neighborhood.

In addition to the cultivated landscaping, five acres of protected woodland borders this community and highlight the commitment to maintaining the integrity of the land. The extensive shared open spaces and preserved mature trees give this relatively dense community a park-like setting and the impression of a well-established community.