Public Speaking and Teaching

Ross Chapin is occasionally available for public speaking and teaching engagements. He has given keynote addresses and workshops at conferences, juried national design award competitions, and sat in as a guest critic on university design studios.  If you have an event or class you would like him to take part in, contact us about availability and fees.

Some Topic Descriptions

Pocket Neighborhoods – Communities with a Scale of Sociability: a presentation for the general public about the historic roots of pocket neighborhoods and the key design patterns that respect personal space while fostering neighborliness

Pocket Neighborhoods – Building Livable, Resilient Communities:  a presentation for planners, architects and building professionals about an overview of designing and planning pocket neighborhoods, with more detail about zoning ordinances that enable this approach

Right-Sized Houses – How Small Can Live Large:  strategies for designing smaller, smarter houses fitted to the way we really live

Trends in Culture – Baby Boomers and Millennials:   how our respective ‘American Dreams’ are changing, and the housing options that are coming more in demand for each group

Thriving Communities – Focus on Shelter:  a look into deeper levels of our housing crisis, along with local-level solutions and broad scale models to homelessness and housing attainability

Aging in Community:  an exploration of models of support for elders to age in their homes, as well as in pocket neighborhood communities that provide levels of assisted support in home-like settings 

The Beauty Mind and the Creation of Wholeness in a Broken World:  tapping into our innate capacity to make environments that nourish us at a soulful level, deepen our sense of belonging, and strengthen our resilience