North Bluff Addition


Our client built the original cabin of this island home over a couple of summers between college terms. When he and his wife retired, they wanted to make the cabin more comfortable for full-time living. The old cabin was filled with memories, character and charm, and we recommended against adding onto it directly, as that would require destructing its fragile beauty. We recommended instead creating a new building with a connected outdoor room, acting together as indoor-outdoor suite of rooms.  In this way, their visiting friends and adult children and grandchildren could keep sleep-in vacation hours without disrupting the daily routine of the owners.  The outdoor room has become a well-used space during daytime and evenings, and with the heat from the stone fireplace, through to the shoulder seasons.

Richard Merrill, Kim Hoelting and a crew of craftsmen built the new structures, fitted the old cabin with a new kitchen and bathroom, and gave it’s exterior a cosmetic facelift to blend in with the new structure.