Magnolia House

With nod to the owner’s Nordic heritage and an ear to current needs and lifestyle, this home in the Magnolia neighborhood in Seattle marries old and new in a wonderfully livable home.

Svietserstil style in Norway originated in the late 18th / early 19th century, taking elements from Swiss country houses. It is characterized by gabled roofs with wide eaves, a two-story porch running perpendicular to the main roof, richly decorative trim, and vertically proportioned French-opening windows. Continuing in a tradition of borrowed styles, this version uses corrugated metal siding, a simplified trillium flower motif for railings and gable end ornamentation. While the main building is mainly symmetrical, the mudroom entry into the kitchen and the side studio introduce an asymmetrical accent. 

Kudos to Eric Meyer of Peter Davis Builders who orchestrated a team of craftsmen to create this fine home.