Greenbank House

This home was inspired by a historic Whidbey Island landmark — an inn that stood on the same site in the early 1900s. In front was a dock where the Mosquito Fleet ferry would land several times a day, as the principal means of transportation on the island. Following a fire, the inn was replaced with a non-descript cabin, which remained until this home was built in 2010.

In a nod to early island buildings, the house features deep-green siding and white trim. And it picks up on the original inn’s hipped roof and broad porch. However, the new building is far from a copy: the new design takes off on its own course to shelter a modern family in style. The interior of the home is centered on the front room — with a 14-foot-high coffered ceiling and divided-lite windows on three sides opening to the views. A full-sized kitchen pulls its weight for extended family gatherings, yet with a lower ceiling and an eating alcove to the side, is intimate enough for two. Farther back in the house is the den/media room and bedrooms, and a loft for grandkids.

The Greenbank home was crafted by Richard Epstein and his crew. More photos of the Greenbank may be viewed on the Richard Epstein website