Winner of the 2003 Northwest AIA Citation Award and Glen Hunt Award, this house and outbuildings tuck into a hillside with a dramatic southern exposure.  The cluster was designed as a choreographed sequence of openings and enclosures, distant and foreground views, light and dark, and muted and bright colors.
At the end of the sequence and at the heart of the house is the Commons Room and adjoining porch. The flying porch roof dramatically frames a panoramic view of the Olympic Mountains. It is made of translucent polycarbonate that provides cover from the rain while flooding the porch and interior with light. Holding the center of the Commons Room is a ‘flock of lights’ over the dining table.

We took inspiration from the local Northwest farm building vernacular and made a contemporary interpretation.   The exterior palate is very limited to accentuate the play of building forms, the textures of the siding, and the contrast with the natural landscape.

The interior style is Northwest Contemporary with a tinge of Asian influence.  Materials are stained concrete, bamboo, black honed granite, stained pine paneling and trim, wood windows, painted hand-textured gypsum walls.

The builder was Dave Highlander.

The home is currently listed for sale. Here is a website with more information: