Museo Building


This 4260 SF mixed-use building lies in the heart of Langley, a small town on the south end of Whidbey Island, 30 miles north of Seattle. The original single-story building on the 3100 SF site was a feed & supply store with a unique curved-top Western-front façade. Built on wood post and piers, it far outlasted its expected life. In the design of the new building, we honored the old by replicating the curve of the original façade.

Built in 1992, this was one of the early buildings in the town’s modern revival. It established a new town pattern of cross-block walkways linking shops on First Street with new development occurring along the alley and Second Street. While the ground level retail space gave up some floor area to accommodate the walkway, it increased its window-front exposure and pedestrian traffic.

The historic Clyde Theater is next door, and movie patrons waiting in line to buy tickets find shelter from the rain under the Museo’s bracketed roof cover.

The new building hosts the Museo Gallery on the ground floor, highlighting local artists. On the second floor are offices, and on the third floor is a residence with a lofted ceiling and French doors opening to a rooftop terrace.